Event Review: Battle Brothers April 2014

Batt Bros April  (20)The smoke has just about cleared from Warhammer World after a weekend of epic battles in the 41st Millennium. Over one hundred and fifty players descended upon our hallowed halls here in Nottingham to do grievous battle against one another at another exciting Battle Brothers weekend.

The atmosphere is always electric at Battle Brothers and April was no different- it was clear that the teams in attendance were up for a weekend of awesome hobby as they filed into the hall to meet their first opponents. As always, there were some fantastic team names; amongst our favourites were Tanks for the Memories, From Russ till Dorn, 50 Shades of Grey Hunters and Khan Touch This; great imagination guys!

Game One kicked off with Purge the Alien- a seemingly popular choice as the first battle was all about just killing as much of the enemy as possible! Shots rang out, and the first stories of feats of bravery and incredible victories started pouring in. In fact, the stories of heroism submitted to News from the Front were more numerous than they have been in previous weekends; you can see the winning story, in this report.

The Legends Painting Competition had loads of entries at lunch time. As usual the standard was very high and the final voting tally proved this, with the victorious models being separated by only a few votes. Check out the winning entries below:

Saturday ended with another riotous pub quiz in Bugman’s Bar, where players got together to have a few drinks and try their luck answering questions, guessing stat-lines and the like. With the Astra Militarum book just recently released, there was a whole round about just the Imperial Guard. Displaying the most impressive obscure knowledge (and getting lucky in the Who Would Win round) were the team Get To Da Choppa! who managed to beat all before them (winning the tie-breaker with a dice off!).

Sunday morning began with The Emperor’s Will and a few groggy faces soon turned to the business of battle, after which the eight teams lucky enough to have been nominated for Best Army displayed their forces for the other players to vote on. There were a mix of genius conversions, incredible paint jobs, epic war machines and stunning heroes on display for all to gawp at.

At the end of the day we held the Award Ceremony to recognise those teams who had achieved glory. Huge rounds of applause were heard for the winners (especially for the News from the Front: Most Heroic Act- read it and you’ll see why!). Huge congratulations to all the winners, especially The Beards of the First Founding who picked up the Emperor’s Laurels Award after earning an incredible 7 out of 10 Favourite Game Votes from their opponents.

Another great weekend all round; all the players displayed a great attitude and played in the spirit of the event. Huge thanks from all of us here to all that attended, and we hope to see you next time at Battle Brothers!

Warhammer World Events Team

See the final results from the event here: Battle Brothers April Results

To read the winning News from the Front story, click the image below. Pretty heroic, we think you’ll agree! NftF thumbFind out more about our Battle Brothers Events, including when the next events are taking place here.