Exclusive Wood Elf Art Available

Wood Elves Art PrintsGuest Post by Afanen of Athel Loren

Today is a day of high blessings for you, a rare and privileged occasion where you may feast your eyes upon the shining glory of Elven artistry. Those most astute and fortunate among you are even able to procure some of this sublime imagery to try and elevate your hum-drum hovels  to the majesty of our own graceful abodes. That you’ll not succeed is certain, but owning one of these elegant artworks will mark you out as possessing fine taste and

Edited by Josef Bugman

I ask that tree botherer to write about some art we’ve negotiated for sale, and anyone would think he’d done us a favour, not the other way round. My Bar now has limited edition Wood Elf prints available for sale, including 5 copies framed and signed by the manling artist, Paul Dainton. Only available if you visit us, so make sure you get here soon.