Event Review – Battle Brothers May ’14

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Brothers Review May 2014


The last sword has fallen and the last spell cast; Warhammer Battle Brothers is over and 200 players begin the perilous journey back over the Grey Mountains to their homesteads.

It’s been another great weekend here at Warhammer World; we’ve seen some incredible miniatures, heard some great stories and watched some very exciting games. A hundred teams, all consisting of two players, lined up against each other to do bloody battle in an effort to be named Battle Brothers Champions. Our players entered straight into the spirit of the event, with team names such as ‘Pimp my Chariot’, ‘Rot Glorious Rot’, ‘Totally Useless’ and (my personal favourite), ‘2 Guys on a Magical Weekend’ and that spirit flowed throughout the weekend.

Each team used two 1000 point armies, controlled by the two players, fighting alongside each other using the allies’ rules from the Warhammer Rulebook. Armies could also include models from Forge World’s publications and beasts from the Storm of Magic supplement. As such, there was an even greater variety than normal in the gaming hall and trust me when I say it looked amazing!

The weekend’s action started with Meeting Engagement, after which the avid painters clamoured to enter their best models into the Legends Painting Competition. A few of the entries are included below in the gallery – make sure you check them out!

Pub QuizAfter two more carnage ridden games of Warhammer, and a steak dinner, the players gathered in Bugman’s Bar for another infamous Warhammer-themed pub quiz. Folks had to answer question on background, rules, weapons, dates and loads more, as well as another incredible, groan-inducing ‘Say What You See’ round and the epic climax of ‘Who Would Win?’ when Dwarf heroes took on the vilest monsters  of the Old World in one-on-one combat!


Sunday saw some bleary-eyed players make their way back into Warhammer World after a late night on the Bugmans XXXXXX, and tuck into the infamous “Foul Hynglysh” breakfast, (noted for its ability to sate even the most ravenous of Ogres), amongst other tempting dishes. Sunday’s gaming started with Battleline, after which the players enjoyed a Sunday roast before voting on the Best Army competition. Nine teams were nominated by The Events Team, put forward for outstanding painting, modelling, conversions, or theme; check out the pictures below of the nominees.

After the final game, Battle for the Pass, the players gathered around to watch the Award Ceremony, where we would recognise the most epic achievements in the field of painting, gaming, bravery and sportsmanship. Special mention must go to Jim Cockburn and Alex West of Legion C, who earned The Emperor’s Laurels award after being given seven out of ten Favourite Game votes by their opponents; a worthy achievement indeed. Also honour is due to Rich Packer, who managed to take the Grand Slam of all three Legends Painting Competitions AND the Master Artisan’s award for Best Army with his gaming partner, Steve Smith. See the gallery below for all the winners:

Special mention has to go to these fine gentlemen, who flew all the way from Norway just to take part in this weekend’s event and almost managed to drink Bugmans dry on Saturday night! Huge thanks to them and all of the players who really helped create an incredible atmosphere at what has been our biggest gaming event of the year to date!

The Warhammer World events Team

If you are interested in seeing the results of the weekend, just click the link below.

Warhammer Battle Brothers May 2014 results