College of Artisans Diploma Available

college of artisans diploma 2014Guest Post by Johan von Brackenhoffen, University of Altdorf

Harken ye students and quieten down at the back there!

A College of Artisans Diploma is no trifling matter, no mere piece of canvas. No! This certificate is recognition, acknowledgement, and a commemoration!

Only available to those who have joined the halls of Warhammer World and partaken of a College of Artisans event, this framed diploma is inscribed with the name of the participant, then signed and sealed by the very Emperor himself. Let the world know of your loyalty to your hobby, your passion to devote days to industry and creativity!

While he’s paused for breath, let us explain…

If you haven’t yet joined College of Artisans, then you’re missing out on up to 7 days of back to back hobby enjoyment, so you can find out more here or get tickets here.

For 2014 we’ve added a special extra option, a College of Artisans Diploma, to remember your time with us, or add a gift for someone you know attending. You can order one if you already have a ticket, get one alongside your ticket, or as an extra for another ticketholder, but they’re only available to order for a limited time from today!

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