Event Review – Throne of Skulls – May ’14



Another cracking Throne of Skulls weekend has gone by at Warhammer World. One hundred players have assembled their forces, boarded their transports and blasted off into space to seek battle and glory on distant worlds.

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During the weekend dice were rolled in anger, empty boltguns were used as clubs on Carnifexes and one melta bomb was heroically used to spectacular effect (more on that later!). The standard of painting and converting was extremely high as usual, with a few notable armies drawing attention from around the hall, as well a few jealous eyes. Picking the nominees for the Master Artisan Award was tricky as always, but eight shining stars rose to the top, with excellent painting and converting skills being demonstrated by all.

Everything kicked off in fine style as the players got stuck in to their first game. Big Guns Never Tire was the order of the day, with Vanguard Strike as the deployment. Each player got their 1,500 point army ready for battle and before too long the hall resounded with the sounds of excited conversation, spilled drinks and the odd prayer (and curse) to the gods of dice. After that we held our Legends Painting Competition, where players could choose any model from their collection and enter it in one of our categories. Check out the photos below of some of the entries.

A few more large-bore cannon shots later and it was time for something new – our Company of Legend Painting Competition. This is our first attempt at doing a painting competition for units and there were some really nice entries – once again they will be below. We are already wondering what the next step will be – a few scenic bases? Perhaps even some themed entries specifically made for the competition? Exciting stuff for sure.

After the competition, Bugman’s Bar was alive with the sounds of laughter, camaraderie and fun as we hosted the popular ‘Bugman’s Pub Quiz’ – a hilarious and utterly ridiculous quiz designed to tax minds, poke brain matter and more than anything else, entertain the players while they sink a few pints of Bugman’s XXXXXX after a long day of battle.

The next challenge our mighty warriors had to overcome was getting up early the next morning (I’m not a morning person) to be on time for their first game on Sunday. This epic feat, fuelled by plenty of Bugman’s tea and coffee, was followed by a hearty game of Warhammer 40,000, which was The Relic, using Hammer and Anvil deployment.

That lunchtime saw the Master Artisan Nominees placed in the cabinets for judgment by their peers. These stunning armies were examples of great, consistent painting, as well as imaginative basing and conversions. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so don’t take my word for it – just take a look.

Once the last shell had been fired, the players gathered around for the Award Ceremony. This is the part of the event where the Events Team recognise some fantastic achievements over the weekend. I feel obliged to make special mention of Paul Atkins and his Iron Hands Veteran Sergeant McMetal, who killed an Imperial Knight with a well placed melta bomb. Not impressed? Well what if I told you that the resultant explosion scattered the full 12” and landed on another Imperial Knight blowing it sky high? That’s right, two Imperial Knights killed with one melta bomb. A worthy winner I think you will agree.

Finally, it is always great to see people travelling from far away, and this group took the biscuit this weekend having travelled all the way from Holland. Thanks for coming down and we hope to see you all again.
40k tos MAY Awards (35)

The Warhammer World Events Team

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