Ork War Machines on Display

Guest Post by Buzzgob

ork MorkanautLookin fer a machine to fight in? I’m yer Mekboy fer dat! If youse is lookin fer some serious fightin’ action, youse wanna point as much dakka as youse can at yer enemy. Lot’s a dakka, or a big kustom mega-kannon.

Youse want a look at my Gorkanaut? Yer not touchin my Morkanaunt… I fink we can do a gud deal on gettin yer fixed up. That blud will come off, nah worries… Fancy a spin in it?

Er, thanks Buzzgob… You can’t try them out on a test drive, but you can see the Ork Gorkanaut and Morkanaut on display now in the Citadel Miniatures Hall in the very packed Ork cabinet!