College of Artisans Diploma Revealed!

Our Master Artisans have finished their labours, and we can reveal in full the diploma available at 2014’s College of Artisans!whw college of artisans diploma

buy ticket ButtonCollege of Artisans is our hobby event where you can spend 5, 2 or even 7 full days getting stuck into your hobby projects with dedicated staff on hand for help, expert advice and encouragement. Find out more here and get your tickets now- it’s a popular event!

Order one now buttonThe framed Empire themed diploma is only available to College of Artisans Participants, as an add on to the event ticket. It’s inscribed with the name of the participant, then signed and sealed by the very Emperor himself.

It’s a great reminder of your time at College of Artisans, and a way to let the world know of your loyalty to your hobby, devoting days to industry and creativity! If you know someone joining College of Artisans, it also makes a fantastic gift, as recognition of their hard hobby work while at Warhammer World. Order now to reward your Master Artisan.