Event Review: Throne of Skulls – June ’14

Here at Warhammer World we to run exciting events where people from all over arrive in our gaming hall for a weekend and play great games against like minded hobbyists. June was busy with events, so here’s the third of four reviews with the high points and winners.  It’s over to Nick and John from from the Events Team…

Our illustrious Events Team – John and Nick

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14th – 15th June 2014

John: Warhammer Throne of Skulls brought square bases and artillery dice to the hall in fine style. Blood ran freely in the Old World, as the Blood God Khorne called for a contest of champions to see who would be crowned Lord of Skulls for the summer months. The standard of modelling on display over the weekend was really high, with an honourable mention going to a very impressive Wood Elf Toad Dragon by Oli Hughes, which won the Beast of Legend painting award (photos below – it really existed). A huge shout out and well done to the overall winner, all the way from Greece, Sotirios Bellos who scooped the Best High Elves award and went on to be crowned the Lord of Skulls as the overall winner. Finally, a huge shout out to Lizzie Stephens who won the Best Army award (Artisan of Renown) with her awesome Empire Army.

See the full results from the weekend here:
Warhammer Throne of Skulls Results June 2014

One final June review left to come, and then the Events Team are looking forward to July, with a special mention to our forthcoming Warhammer 40,000 Open Day.

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