How to paint an army in a week (no, really!)

WHW_college_goldWell everyone, College of Artisans is approaching next week, and we thought it would be good to show off what you could achieve during the week, or weekend (or both if you want to join us for 7 days!) College of Artisans is all about choosing a hobby project and seeing it through to the end, getting it finished (or as close to finished as you can) while learning skills to take home to your other projects.

The Events team thought “let’s put on our Hobby hats and show you what you could do” so we decided to each paint an entire army in a few days, with enough time at the end to add any details/basing/transfers you want. We aren’t talking about just a basecoat either – this is the full deal!

A strict deadline was put in place for each army, and the amount of help the hobbyist could have was limited as well – more or less the same level of help you can expect from the staff during College of Artisans.

Iyanden Eldar army: Painted by John Bracken in less than three days.

This army will be on display during College of Artisans, and John will happily show off the techniques used to make this happen, to any attendees who want to learn.

The most important part about this army was the help John got. In our experience, it’s all about being shown a new trick once, and then having a go yourself. At College of Artisans, we help you to get you the skills you need, so you can stick with a project right until the end.

This army is going to be our spare player army for all of our Warhammer 40,000 events from now on, so it had to be not only quick to paint, but also easy to use, WSYIWYG and be up to Warrior’s Code standard. Not an easy task. After much deliberation (Blood Angels, Raven Guard, Orks and Tau were all considered!) John settled on a Craftworld Iyanden Wraithguard army. Not a huge amount of models, a straightforward colour scheme that could be enhanced easily, and best of all some absolutely stunning models (who wouldn’t want to paint a Wraithknight?). To start off with, John and Nick took about half an hour to pick a method of painting the yellow, and once a few test models had been done, John attacked the army and got it done lickety-split, with Nick checking up to make sure he was working effectively to the colour scheme.

Expert tuition and advice

So there you have it – a little time to prepare, some expertise and experienced help, supportive hobbyists at your side, and if you stick to your plan, you can do a whole army in less than a week! Whether you have less than this planned, or perhaps more, it should give you a good benchmark of what can be achieved in the distraction free and inspirational atmosphere of College of Artisans.

So if you think that this is for you, you can get your tickets here, and for more information about the timetables and schedules of the event, you can go here.

That’s all for now – keep an eye out for our next instalment, as well as the College of Artisans Event Review.


The Warhammer World Events Team