College of Artisans: Grab your Ticket!

WHW college of artisans group 2013

  • Want to complete those half finished projects sat on your paint station?
  • Fancy painting a full army in a week?
  • Need some help planning and achieving your awesome hobby project?
  • Want to learn skills you take home and use to enhance your future projects?

College of Artisans is ready and waiting for you!

buy ticket ButtonGrab your tickets now for the 2014 events!

4th – 8th August – Tickets available until 8am on the 4th

9th- 10th August– Tickets available until 8am on the 9th

You bring your miniatures and tools, and we’ll give you expert advice, help you gain the skills you need, and provide an inspiring and encouraging atmosphere to get your hobby projects completed. Find out more and see the event pack here.