Event Review: Battle Brothers – July ’14

The Nominees for the Best Army award

Warhammer World shook to the pounding roar of heavy guns this weekend as daring duos from all over the world took part in our Battle Brothers event. Gut wrenching (but wholly imaginary) violence was the order of the day as teams of two players took on other pairs across the gore-soaked battlefields of the forty first millennium.

Not long after the games started it was apparent that the standard of painting and converting at the event was its usual high standard. There were some really outstanding efforts, along with exceptionally well themed armies, like mutated Beastman style Astra Miliatarium armies, blood soaked World Eater Possessed Chaos Marine armies, as well as quite a few armies which were sporting brand new models, like the new Gorkanaut (or was it a Morkanaut?) and Ork Freebootaz.

After some games and food, the event followed its usual course and moved on to the Legends painting competition. There was plenty to admire in our cabinets and it was a pleasure to see the final results of such hard work. You can see photos of some of these models below. If you want to see the full deal then the only way is to attend the event and check them out in person.

The first day rounded off with two more games and the Company of Legend competition, which is our all new painting competition for units, rather than just single models. This did lead to one minor issue when one player nearly forgot to retrieve his command unit before his first game on Sunday – the horror! After sending in the Inquisition, it turns out that the all-powerful Dwarfen beer Bugman’s XXXXXX was too strong for his human constitution and he had completely forgotten he had entered the squad in the competition.

The games resumed on Sunday morning with their usual vigor, as only two games remained before we had to finish off our gaming events for 2014 (more on that later). The morning was a rowdy affair with Ork Warbosses upper-cutting Warhounds, Wraithknights tearing Imperial Knights in half, and mobs of up to sixty Ork Boyz getting cut down to the last Ork by withering fusillades of lasgun fire in a single turn.

In between games came what has become the highlight of the event for many attendees – the nominations and voting for Artisan of Renown aka. the Best Army competition. The photographs below speak for themselves – a great standard and all very worthy nominations.

But then all of a sudden, almost as soon as it had begun, the weekend came to close and it was time to guide everyone back on board their transports and send them home. Before that however, came the award ceremony, where we brought the spotlight down on some heroic teams, with awards for sportsmanship, great painting and converting skills as well as, of course, gaming. You can see the awards photographs below.

As a final note, this was our last gaming event for 2014. The gaming hall will be undergoing some exciting redevelopment which will reduce the capacity of the hall significantly for an extended period. You can find out more here.  So while this means there will be no gaming events for a while, it does mean that in early 2015, we will be back, bigger and better than ever (we may even have fluffier dice).

The Final Results for the weekend

Adieu and farewell to gaming events for 2014 – you’ve been cracking fun.

The Warhammer World Events Team.