An Army in a Week Part 2

WHW_college_goldLast week, John posted up his awesome new Iyanden Eldar  army, which he had mangaed to paint in an incredible 3 days. Today, we present the second half of our army painting project: a Warriors of Chaos Army, which took, in total, four days.

We wanted to show how easy it can be to paint an entire army for one of our games if you put your mind to it, with the right amount of time and a little bit of help, just like you would have at College of Artisans. We had a strict deadline – it could be no more than five days – the amount of time most folks will have at the event.

As such, Nick took on the challenge of tearing through a Chaos army, using all the tricks he knew to get an army finshed quickly and to a good standard (including roping in John to help out once he had finished the Eldar!).  If you would like to learn how to achieve quick results like this, why not come along to College of Artisans and we can show you exactly how.

Warriors of Chaos army: Painted by Nick Bayton and John Bracken in less than four days.

If you fancy learning all the techniques to get your army painted in no time, and want to dedicate some time to indulging your hobby, get yourself along to College of Artisans next week- we hope to see you there!