Great hobby in our Guest Displays

Here in the Citadel Miniatures Hall you can see the miniatures painted by our professional teams of ‘Eavy Metal and the Citadel Army Painters, but we also like to show off the hard work of hobbyists – celebrating the unusual ideas, personal touches and great details which make for unique armies.

On display now you’ll find Paul Thomas’ amazing Eldar, coated in freehand patterns and full of subtle conversions, and 5 armies from the School League, all painted by hobbyists only 17 years old (or younger!)  to a great standard.

The last day to see these displays is August 25th, as on August 26th we’re closing the Citadel Miniatures Hall to begin work on our redevelopment. So head up to the Citadel Miniatures Hall now for some great painted miniatures, and find out more about the closure and redevelopment here.