Citadel Miniatures Hall: Final Week

At 6.00pm on Monday 25th of August, the doors will close on the Citadel Miniatures Hall for good, as we start work on Warhammer World’s redevelopment. Join us this week for your final chance to see the ‘Eavy Metal collection until early 2015!cropped-WHW-citadel-miniatures-hall-top-image-2013-749x300.jpg

Fear not. We have a future planned with displays of miniatures, and are plotting new layouts, new display cases and new ideas, so we can show you even more Citadel and Forge World miniatures.

Between now and the reveal of our redevelopment in early 2015 we will have some changes to service as work takes place: Find out more here. Watch the blog for news and plan your visits to make sure you make the most of our available services.