College of Artisans 2014

Take a group of people who all want to do some Hobby. Take two staff members who have the skills to show them just about anything they want. Take Warhammer World, the perfect venue to hone your Hobby Skills in on a particular project, and voila – College of Artisans!

This year’s College of Artisans was a veritable symphony of dedicated hobby time, where every minute was whisked away by the stroke of a brush, or the sound of rolling dice.

Expert tuition throughout the week came from Hobby Gurus John Bracken and Nick Bayton. Their days were packed out with requests for all kinds of hobby help, so here are some of their personal highlights and memories from the event.

Nick: “College of Artisans was a fantastic week: hobbyists came and shared such a variety of awesome hobby projects. One minute, I was helping Matt build his brand new Knight Lancer from Forge World, the next I was showing Nicky how to put smoke trails on his rocket, and then later I was painting Chaos Dwarf heroes with Gary. I even managed to have a game against David’s mighty Ultramarines (I lost, naturally!).

Working with a wide range of people and the models they had brought with them was truly inspirational.

I really enjoyed taking folks through a few lessons and seeing their hobby skills improve. Of note was Dermot’s incredible sea monster, which John helped him convert and I helped him paint. But he did everything on the model himself, and was so proud of it (and rightfully so) that he entered it into the Artisan of Legend painting competition. There are countless stories like this from the week, of folks learning new techniques and stretching their hobby skills to a new limit, and it was truly an honour to be part of it.” 

John: “Many’s the times I have heard a hobbyist say “I could never do that” or “I wish I could do that” when looking at models in a cabinet or in a White Dwarf. This was, for me, where College of Artisans really came into its own. People achieved all kinds of hobby– painting lava bases, creating green stuff cloaks to fill over gaps, cleaning Forge World models for the first time, re-sculpting a Dread Maw base to look like water and waves (yes – really!), newcomers learning how to play games, battle damage on armour, painting entire Fire Elementals, burn damage on flamer weapons, blending, freehanding Salamanders’ symbols and flames –honestly the list goes on and runs the gamut.

This was the main reason I enjoyed College of Artisans so much – helping people with their hobby and dispelling some of the myths about how hard certain techniques can be. It wasn’t just fine details and sculpting either. It was very satisfying to help hobbyists on those necessary jobs to ‘get it done’ – painting hafts on weapons, or basing models by the dozen – no hobby task was too big or small. A big well done to Baz, who managed the heruclean task of finishing 100 Dwarfs. No small task.

A special note to Gary, who got myself and Nick to paint the black on to the Agrellan Earth flakes which adorned his lava bases. Well played sir, well played…

And so we all spent the week in a relaxed and productive environment, with painted models and finished projects galore. There are some more examples below.

At the end we also had a special painting competition for models that had been started and finished in the same week – the Artisan of Legend. Huge congratulations to the deserving winner, this year’s Artisan of Legend: Dermot Crowley, who steamrolled to victory with his aquatic Dreadmaw.

COA AUG '14 7

Well done Dermot!








Last, but by no means least, we have our Diploma holders from College of Artisans, awarded by the Emperor Karl Franz himself. These alumni are now forever held in the highest esteem by all all nobles and scholars alike.


We had an absolutely fantastic time at College of Artisans 2014, and we hope to see everyone at our events next year.

John & Nick

The Events Team

Warhammer World