More Reasons to enjoy Warhammer Fest


You may have heard by now  about Games Workshop’s brand new event, Warhammer Fest, being run on the 11th and 12th of October in Coventry.

If you haven’t, then you really need to check out the details here, because if you’re a fan of Games Workshop miniatures and the worlds of Warhammer, you won’t want to miss out.

Warhammer Fest is being held at the Ricoch Arena in Coventry, a brand new venue for any Games Workshop event, and it promises to be unlike anything we’ve held before. In fact, we’ve got a few new additions to the schedule of the two days which we’re very excited to share with you….

10 prints-----Raymond Swanland_SM_Codex_cover_A3Warhammer Fest Art Gallery

Take time out to have a good look round our brand new art gallery, where you will be able to behold magnificent artwork in all its glory. For the first time ever at a Games Workshop event, you will be able to purchase prints of the very art you see in the gallery.

Warhammer Fest Exclusive T-shirt

We’re happy to announce there will be an event-exclusive shirt at Warhammer Fest, in a brand new design, never seen before…

nagash 2The Humbling of Settra

Nagash, the Supreme Lord of the Undead has returned to lay waste to the Old World. See him take on the might of the Tomb Kings in this Mega Game; who will win in this mighty clash of kings?

Demonstration Pods announced

Throughout the day, we’ll be running Demonstration Pods at regular intervals. Designed to give you hints and tips, as well as inspire your hobby, these will be run by our in-house experts, who will take you through a variety of subjects in sessions no longer than half an hour. We are happy to announce:

Forge World: Modelling Masterclass Live

My Army: The personal collections of Games Workshop Staff

Watch the Warhammer Fest page here for more Demo Pods being announced soon!

WD_logo_2012_GOLDThe ever-popular White Dwarf team have confirmed they will have a presence at Warhammer Fest – don’t miss your chance to ask Grombrindal’s assistants your questions and see what goes into making your favourite hobby magazine.


Well, that’s just a few of the items coming to Warhammer Fest, as well as those we have already announced! We’re very excited here about this event and we hope you are to. Tickets are on sale now, so click below to grab yours now!

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