Wednesday Table Reservation Changes

wednesday booking formLate night Wednesday has always been Warhammer World’s most popular evening for gamers to do battle after finishing work or studies. Recently we’ve been running out of gaming space on Wednesday daytime, when reserved tables sit empty, awaiting their evening gamers.

To make sure that daytime visitors can get a game in, we’ve now split Wednesday into two gaming sessions. You can book tables either between 10.00am to 4.00pm, or between 5.00pm – 10.00pm. 

If you’ve already reserved a table on a Wednesday, there’s no change to your booking; unless you want to generously let us know the times you intend to start and finish – and perhaps help someone else to get a gaming table.

For Wednesdays from September 17th, we’ll be asking you to choose a timed gaming session, and we’ll remind you on the day about your finish or start times.

Check out our gaming tables, and how to request a reservation: here.