Armies on Parade October 25th

m1640011a_Blog270111_1Get your collection out of your carry cases and off your shelves to share your miniatures at Armies on Parade 2014!

On October 25th Games Workshop will be running Armies on Parade in stores across the country, so why not join us here in the Warhammer World store? Bring your entry, admire the others on display, and cast your vote to see who will gain the coveted Armies on Parade medals.

armies on parade winner 2013It’s easy to take part:

  • You have a 65cm x 65cm space to display your entry.
  • You can bring a display board with scenery and terrain, or just arrange your miniatures in the space.
  • There is no legal army size, no points restrictions, your army doesn’t even need to be game legal – just make sure your miniatures are all Citadel or Forge World miniatures, and are all painted.
  • We’ll be accepting entries until 2.00pm.
  • Once all the entries are in, voting will take place until 3.00pm after which we’ll tally up and announce the winners.

Whether you’ve started a brand new army specially for this competition, or want to use your recent best work, this is your chance to show off and be proud of your miniatures. As well as the main awards, we’ll have our own certificates to celebrate the achievements of hobbyists taking part, so if your entry misses out on one of the medals, it may pick up a special mention!

Whether displaying, or voting, we’ll see you here on October 25th for a day of great hobby.