Gaming at Warhammer Fest

If you enjoy the rattle of dice and clash of battle, Warhammer Fest will give you the chance to join the fray and get gaming.

nagash 2The Humbling of Settra

Nagash, the Supreme Lord of the Undead, has returned to lay waste to the Old World. As he takes on the might of the Tomb Kings in this Mega Game, you’ll choose the spells, roll the dice and influence the outcome in this mighty clash of kings!

Using the impressive Gatehouse of Numas gaming table from Warhammer World, and massed ranks of miniatures, this game will be replayed throughout the event; starting from the thick of the battle through to the climactic ending. On the losing side in one battle? Come back later and see if you can sway the victory.

battle brothers gameBring and Battle

Bring your miniatures and gaming equipment to enjoy our open gaming tables. Plan ahead for your gaming club to meet up and have a fast and furious Kill Team game, come with an opponent ready to battle, or just see who is looking for a game on the day.

Want to know more about what’s happening at Warhammer Fest on October 11th and 12th? See the event details announced so far here, and watch out for the final updates coming soon.

buy ticket ButtonTickets go off sale online Monday 6th October, so don’t miss out, get yours now!