Warhammer World Staff Painting Challenge

The staff here in Warhammer World’s store were chatting over favourite miniatures to paint and the ones they keep intending to paint, which naturally led to some friendly scoffing at choices… so a challenge was laid down!

Each person chose and purchased their miniature, but wouldn’t get to paint it! The miniatures were numbered, the die rolled to decide the order of choice, and then rolled again to make the choices.

Beyond that roll off, there are no rules. As John described it “Just be sensible and have some fun with the model you have.”

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Here are the results, and the miniatures must be painted by November 1st – at which point they will go on display for our visitors to vote on.

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“It’s a great way to challenge yourself with an unexpected miniature, stretching yourself and painting something different. It’s going to make us trade tips and help each other with techniques, as everyone has picked a miniature for their painting strengths… which someone else then ended up with!” – John

Let us know if you decide to start your own Painting Challenge, pop in to see how the painting is progressing, and join us when we share the finished miniatures in November.