Staff Painting Challenge: The Results

Two weeks ago a gauntlet was lain down, and the staff in Warhammer World’s store all joined in an unusual painting challenge…

Each person chose and purchased a miniature they thought would be great to paint, but they didn’t get to paint it! Through a series of dice rolls, the painters each had one of the miniatures allocated at random. You can see the start of the challenge here.

The painted miniatures were shown on November 1st, with Warhammer World’s visitors voting for their favourite. The winner was John Bracken, for his gratify defying leaping Shadowblade, with it’s gruesome freehand painted cloak of human skin.

Everyone enjoyed tackling miniatures they may never have thought about painting, skills and advice were swapped between the group, and most importantly – everyone had fun! If you and your mates like the idea, come and chat to our staff in store about how to organise your own painting challenge.