Paint Splatter Live. November 16th.

As part of Warhammer World’s new and exciting weekend activities, join us for more Tyranid painting secrets. Paint Splatter provides handy tips and stage-by-stage painting guides for the week’s new releases. Drop in and watch the work in progress, ask your questions or bring your hobby equipment and join in at the paint stations.

Sunday 16th November

11.00am – 1.00pm99120106034_Sporocyst01

This week we take a look at Citadel Shades and how you can use them to great effect on your miniatures. There may come a day when you want to create your own Shades for a particular project. You can visit us this Sunday to find out how.

Also ready for a BIGGER bite out of the Imperium, James Rose has picked up his brushes once more to demonstrate techniques to add to your hobby skill-set. As a member of our talented store team, James will show you how to use the painting guides in White Dwarf to paint a Tyrannocyte. Bring your paints, pick up the newest miniatures, and get to work on them with guidance.

Though Warhammer World appears to be the next target from orbiting Tyranid bio-ships, you can bring along any Games Workshop kit to Paint Splatter Live, and our experienced store team members will be able to guide you.

The Warhammer World team look forward to seeing your current projects, so bring down your collections this weekend…can the indigenous races of the galaxy hold firm against their vile predations? Tell us the answer!