Sprues & Glue Live. November 15th.

As part of Warhammer World’s new and exciting weekend activities, it seemed only fitting to deliver a Hive Fleets-centric Sprues and Glue. Join us next weekend for tips and tricks on building the new Tyrannocyte. Drop in and watch the work in progress, ask your questions or bring your hobby equipment and join in at the paint stations.

Saturday 15th November

11.00am – 1.00pm

As we are in the midst of a new Tyranid model invasion, one of our talented store team members will be showing you how to build the new Tyrannocyte and use the guides in White Dwarf to create extraterrestrial objectives.

The Tyrannocyte is nothing less than a malevolent living delivery system for hordes of Tyranid invaders. It’s a huge and imposing new plastic kit for fans of the Hive Mind everywhere. But that’s not all! The kit also makes the Sporocyst and a Mucolid Spore, so if you’d prefer to learn how to build one of these other bioforms, then bring yours along or pick one up on the day.

Though there may be Tyrannocytes hurtling towards earth containing a payload of horrific alien killing machines, you can bring along any Games Workshop kit to Sprues and Glue Live, and our experienced store team members will be able to guide you.

The Warhammer World team look forward to seeing your revolting creations, so best not to keep them waiting…tens of thousands of Tyrannocyte pods will be launched from their hive ships…what will you come up with?