Swarm of Death. November 22nd.

With the Tyranid invasion in full swing, we call all Warriors to our battlefield to fight off the swarm. As part of Warhammer World’s new and exciting weekend activities, join us next weekend for thrilling action, jaw-breaking madness and absolute carnage as the Tyranid swarm challenges your best miniatures in a fight to the death. Can you stop the Tyranid threat?

Saturday 22nd November

11.00am – 1.00pm

From the darkest of nightmares, endless swarms of Tyranids will be waiting for your arrival. Be warned all who dare to enter our hall, your heroes or favorite unit will be challenged, in a test to see how long you can survive against the Tyranid threat.


Over the past few weeks we have seen many new terrors reveal themselves from beyond the stars. We have had the Toxicrene, the Maleceptor, the Tyrannocyte, the Sporocyst and Mucolid Spore, not to mention this coming week will see the arrival of the new Venomthropes and Zoanthropes. As if that wasn’t enough, a hideous new beast known as a Neurothrope will be joining the threat. All of these horrors plus plenty more will be waiting for you to challenge.

Bring your greatest Hero or favourite unit with you on Saturday and fight against our Tyranid swarm. Alternatively, for all of those budding Hive minds out there, bring down your own Tyranid Swarms and join in the carnage. Of course, if you’re not feeling courageous enough, there are plenty of seats and popcorn available…so sit back and watch the show.

The Warhammer World team can’t wait to see who dares to challenge our great Tyranid swarm…seriously, they won’t shut up about it…so don’t disappoint them, we welcome all! If you’re as excited as our team, why not come down and tell them what you plan on bringing. We’ll see you on the battlefield…