The Art Of Basing. November 23rd.

As part of Warhammer World’s exciting weekend activities, join us for fantastic basing techniques this Sunday, and discover what finishing touches you can add to your collection. Drop in and watch the work in progress, ask your questions or bring your hobby equipment and join in at the paint stations.

Sunday 23rd November

11.00am – 1.00pm

This Sunday we take a look at the art of basing your miniatures. Ask any painter and they’ll agree that properly basing your models is the key to great results. Here at Warhammer World,  we will be showing hobbyists step-by-step, techniques they can use on their own miniatures.

Learning new skills is always great, but our demonstrations offer more than what meets the eye. Demonstrations are an excellent opportunity to seek out great inspiration, ask any questions you may have, and mostly importantly they’re FUN! So bring your paints and miniatures, or grab the newest releases, and get to work on them with guidance.

Though Warhammer World appears to be within the grasp of envenomed tentacles and flensing whip-like appendages of some form of Tyranid horror, you can bring along any Games Workshop kit to our demonstrations, and our experienced store team members will be able to guide you.

The Warhammer World team look forward to seeing your current projects, so bring down your collections this weekend…if you have a question about Warhammer 40,000 or Warhammer, need a bit of painting advice or you’re after a few tactical tips, then come visit us anytime. We have the answers!