Tale Of Gamers Challenge.

With the Warhammer World Staff Painting Challenge over, our staff have since taken hold of a new challenge to keep themselves occupied. Having a deadline to get miniatures built and painted by was really effective in getting projects completed (that and the pressure of having to buy a round a drinks if you didn’t finish in time…Adam). So onwards with the new challenge (and a belly full of Bugman’s XXXXXX).

Our Warhammer World Staff have been challenged to a Tale of Gamers. What is that I hear you shriek? A Tale of Gamers is organised between a group of friends and the aim is to finish a project over an agreed amount of time. There are no set rules, all the details are left to the individuals taking part, so each Tale of Gamers is unique.

In this instance, our store staff have each picked an army they would like to work on for the next 6 months.  They have decided to set themselves a target to complete roughly 500 points each month of their new chosen army, starting with a Hero or Lord and some troops.

Here are the contenders with their chosen armies. Remember, these must be built and painted by the 29th of November where they will then be on display at Warhammer World.

Once the staff have reached their first deadline, they’ll of course want to try out their warriors on the battlefield. We’ll be reporting their progress through the challenging months ahead, and showcasing their completed armies at Warhammer World on the last weekend of every month. Pop in anytime to chat with our staff to see how the challenge is going, or let us know if you decide to start your own Tale of Gamers.

Our staff are following the End Times Series, but don’t forget that you can use any system within Tale of Gamers, even 30k.  If you’d like to join the Warhammer World staff with their Tale of Gamers then get on down to the store to grab a character and a unit of your very own.

The Warhammer World team love to hear about what your latest projects are, so come down and tell them what you’ve been working on. See you there!