Bitz Box Bash. December 6th.

Are you Mephiston Red, Macragge Blue, Caliban Green or the Fang? Equipped with your unique water pots and Bitz Boxes, bring them to Warhammer World on the 6th of December to creatively challenge your hobby skills. Bring down your supplies and join us for your chance to display your creations at Warhammer World.

Bits Box Bash

Entries 11.00am – 2.00pm, Voting 2.00pm – 3.00pm, Award Ceremony 4.00pm.

99239999083_WaterPotMephistonRed01Is your Bitz box overflowing? Would you like to prove to all your friends who the best hobbyist is? Well bring down your bitz box this December for a bash at building the best conversion using only what’s in your Bitz box plus anything you purchase on the day! Could you be voted number one by the public?

The Water Pot and Bitz Box is the perfect accessory for every Games Workshop fan. This set is only available while stocks last and includes a high quality porcelain mug packed into a handy tin Bitz Box. The mug is decorated with a Citadel shield logo and paint splatters, and makes an ideal water pot. Or, if you prefer, fill it with your favourite hot drink (probably best).

Bring down your Citadel Bitz Box, your hobby supplies, and plenty of friends (for cheering purposes). Plus, anything you grab from the store on the day can also be used in the contest (cheekily base your Bitz Bash off a new miniature as a basis!). All participants will be eligible to place their finished entries on display.

We’re on the lookout for enthusiastic hobbyists…is that you?

Once all entries have been gathered, each entry will be numbered ready for the public to vote for their favourite entry. The winning entry will then receive Bitz Box Bash certificate AND bragging rights. Of course, if you’re not feeling courageous enough, there are plenty of seats and popcorn available…so sit back and watch the show.

Come down and show the Warhammer World team what a true hobbyist looks like. Why not come down before then and tell us what you plan on bringing, and see what we think of your ideas? We’ll see you on the 6th of December…