Workshops of War. November 29th.

Our recent supply drop has brought us some amazing kit bashing essentials such as the new Citadel project box. The hobbyist in your life now has somewhere to store their paints and tools, and a work area to prepare and paint their models. As it’s all self-contained they can also tidy their mess into it when they’ve finished, just in time for Christmas dinner!

Bring down your supplies on the 29th of November and join the other Techmarines in preparing your latest warriors for battle. Could you be the next master Artisan?

Workshops of War.

11.00am –  4.00pm

With Christmas on the approach, Warhammer World has started some essential workshops to prepare you for Christmas Day gifts and all the hobby activities that you’ll be up to. Make sure that you have learned all the skills you need for building and converting everything from a ghostly Flagellant to a Warhound Titan.

kit bashingDeciphering the instructions of a new kit to build can seem dull for even the most experienced of hobbyists. There are many tips and tricks the Warhammer World Store team can provide to aid you in personalising your collections. Bashing kits together is an excellent way of bringing something unique to your collection. If you have ever wanted to spruce up your hero’s armour, put him on a steed (or a dragon…they’re pretty scary) or have an idea for a clever conversion that you would like help with then this workshop is for you.

Bring down any un-built miniatures, or pick up some kits up on the 29th November, and join us at the workbenches for a day of inspirational inventions. All participants will be eligible for a Master Artisan Certificate on the day. Of course, if you’re not feeling courageous enough, there are plenty of seats and popcorn available…so sit back and watch the show.

The Warhammer World team can’t wait to see your ‘Krazy Kits’ and show you some of theirs. If you’re as excited as our team, why not come down and tell them what you plan on bringing. We’ll see you on the 29th of November…