Tale of Gamers Challenge: Stage 1

One month ago our Warhammer World Staff were challenged to a Tale of Gamers. For those who are curious, a Tale of Gamers is organised between a group of friends and the aim is to finish a project over an agreed amount of time. There are no set rules, all the details are left to the individuals taking part, so each Tale of Gamers is unique.

Our store staff each picked an army they would like to work on for the next 6 months. They decided to set themselves a target to complete roughly 500 points each month of their new chosen army, starting with a Hero or Lord and some troops. You can see the start of the challenge here. Now let us see how the first month went…

The painted miniatures were shown on November 29th and 30th, with Warhammer World’s visitors voting for their favourite. The winner was Amy March, for her collection of Skaven, standing gruesomely atop a mound of slaughtered High elves from the Island of Blood set.

For winning Stage 1 of the Tale of Gamers Challenge, Amy has acquired the ranking of ‘Squire’.

To help keep track of their progress, our challengers have created an interesting point scoring system that you may want to trial with your own Tale of Game Events. Let’s take a look…

Staff name Points for Finishing Public Vote Total Points
Amy March 5 6 11
James Bragg 5 5 10
Jay Clare 5 4 9
James Rose 5 3 8
Adam Wood 5 2 7
Lee Jones 0 1 1

Our challengers receive 5 points for finishing their 500 points, and extra points depending on where they ranked with public votes. This will help our competitors to see where they rank on the leader-board and encourage them to try new painting techniques, and most importantly finish on time!

Now that the staff have reached their first deadline, they’ll of course want to try out their warriors on the battlefield. We’ll be reporting their progress through the challenging months ahead, and showcasing their completed armies at Warhammer World on the last weekend of every month. Here’s what to expect at the end of December:

Staff name Hobby pledge
Adam Wood 1 x Exalted Seeker Chariot, 10 x Daemonettes, 5 x Seekers of Slaanesh
Amy March 20 x savage Orcs, 10 x Savage Orc Boar Boyz, 1 x Mangler Squigs, 1 x Orc Boss on Boar, 4 x Stone Trolls
James Bragg 1 x Chaos Sorcerer, 12 x Chaos Warriors, 5 x Putrid Blightkings
James Rose 1 x Goblin Big Boss on Squig, 1 x Goblin Shaman, 10 Squig Hoppers, 20 x Goblin Bowmen, 3 x Fanatics, 1 x Squig herd
Jay Clare 2 x Bastiladons, 6 x Jungle swarm
Lee Jones 11 x Inner Circle Knights, 10 x Handgunners, 1 x Cannon

Our staff are following the End Times Series, but don’t forget that you can use any system within Tale of Gamers, even 30k. If you’d like to join the Warhammer World staff with their Tale of Gamers then get on down to the store to grab a character and a unit of your very own.

Pop in anytime to chat with our staff to see how the challenge is going, or let us know if you decide to start your own Tale of Gamers. The Warhammer World team love to hear about what your latest projects are, so come down and tell them what you’ve been working on. See you there!