The Black Rage Descends. December 14th.

Let the blood of Sanguinius awaken within you at Warhammer World this December! We call all true warriors to our battlefield to fight off the Black rage that will inevitably descend upon you. Join us for a weekend of relentless hobby action in our maelstrom of battle and lead your strike force to victory.

Sunday 14th December

11.00am – 2.00pm

Bring your chosen unit to challenge our enraged unit of Blood Angels in a fight to the death.


Over the past weeks we have seen the fall of the Cryptus System (which lies in ruins) due to the rise of some pretty horrific new Tyranid threats. This includes monstrous terrors like the Spawn of Cryptus and the Beast of Phodia. The Blood Angels need to secure the future of their Chapter, which has so incensed their great heroes that the Black Rage has descended upon them.

We summon you to bring your greatest singular entity (one unit) with you on Sunday to fight against our all new Blood Angels Tactical Squad. See how the new Blood Angels Psychic powers work and discuss strategy and tactical styles with other players. Alternatively, if you are not a General of the Imperium you can learn how to withstand the onslaught of the Blood Angels. There will be some unfortunate souls that will not feel courageous enough, so there are plenty of seats and popcorn available…feel free to sit back and watch the battle rage.

The Warhammer World team can’t wait to see who is brave enough to challenge our Sanguinary host. If you’re as excited as our team, why not come down this week and tell them what you plan on bringing? We’ll see you on the battlefield…