Post Christmas Activities. December 27th & 28th.

So you got a pile of amazing miniatures for Christmas? Do you want a hand building and painting them? The Warhammer World store staff are here to help.

MY GUNZ IZ BIGGER’N YORZ! WAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!’ –Big Boss Grotslapper of the Bleedin’ Gumz Klan.

Saturday 27th December

11.00am – 1.00pm

Warhammer World will be running free workshops on building and painting your miniatures.

What will you be building and painting?

All you have to do is bring the Hobby Products you need, or we can help you with our hobby supplies guide (available in store for free) to choose the right things to pick up on the day. Our store team will help with advice on how to make the most of the new additions to your fantastic armies and will be on hand to recommend miniatures, glues, tools, paints and techniques plus how to use them to easily get your miniatures looking spectacular!

Once they are built….

Sunday 28th December

2.00pm – 4.00pm

Bring along your army to a knockdown, drag out, battle of Winner stays on!

We call you to War! What will you surprise us with?

Bring in all the awesome miniatures that you collected for Christmas and join in our free ‘drop in’ games.  We will be running confrontations that will echo throughout the ages in an anything goes battles!  Just bring your favourite miniatures (with no points restrictions) your rulebook, relevant Codex/Army Book, plus all your other essential gaming equipment and see how long your unit, hero or army lasts against the onslaught of other armies thrown into the fray. Try to stay alive as James, our self styled Chaos Sorcerer, throws in a few ‘surprises’. (He has been chuckling quietly to himself for weeks, so I dread to think what he has planned…)

Also, for Mums and Dads, while the Kids are going mad, why not enjoy a bit of respite in Bugman’s and maybe try one of the delicious Christmas drinks or a Bugman’s special?

All activities are open to everyone, and the more people involved the better, so come down and bring some friends (we won’t say no to Christmas biscuits). We can’t wait to meet you!