Kingdoms Fall… January 10th & 11th

As part of Warhammer World’s thrilling weekend activities, the Painting Pod returns to show you more building and painting secrets. Then you can challenge our Verminlord in a head to head battle with your mightiest of warriors, warmachine or bravest heroes.

Join us on Saturday the 10th, and be one of the lucky few to witness quick and easy painting techniques for one of the new Skaven Verminlords. Drop in and watch the work in progress, ask your questions or bring your hobby equipment and join in at the paint stations. On Sunday 11th bring down your strongest warriors, and take on our Verminlord in a perilous participation game.

Saturday 10th January

Building 11.00am – 1.00pm

Painting 2.00pm – 5.00pm

The Painting Pod returns to show you tips and techniques on how to build and paint your Skaven using the advice found in White Dwarf.


Considered a child-frightening bogeyman by much of the Empire, the existence of the Skaven is about to become all too certain… as treacherous and cunning as the Skaven themselves, Verminlords, the almighty rat daemons of the Great Horned Rat, are only summoned into the mortal realm in desperation by reluctant Grey Seers. But whatever the consequences for the Skaven, the consequences for their enemies must surely be far, far worse.

Our staff at Warhammer World will be showing you just how versatile the new kit is and how quickly you can get ready for painting. Bring your paints, pick up the newest miniatures, and get to work on them with guidance.

If all the writing about Skaven and Verminlords this week has put you in the mood to delve into a quest for world domination, don’t forget that you can bring along any Games Workshop kit to our Painting Pods and our experienced store team members will be able to guide you.

Sunday 11th January

11.00am – 2.00pm

Bring your mightiest of warriors, your chosen warmachine or the bravest of heroes to challenge our enraged and terrifying Verminlord.


We welcome all who wish to challenge our Verminlord in a head to head battle. Bring down your strongest warriors, there is no limitation, and take on our Verminlord in a perilous participation game. Not feeling so lucky? Come and see how others fare as the battle rages on. Discover how the Verminlord can be the new secret weapon in your army, or learn how to defeat it if you know your friends plan to add it to their collection.

The Verminlords are what can only be described as a truly terrifying opponent on the Warhammer battlefield, probably the most dangerous creature the Skaven can summon. While there are five distinct Verminlords to choose from, they have plenty in common. Which one would you choose?

Come down to Warhammer World and enact  your plans for world domination. Choose to join in the devious great Horned Rat’s sinister plans!