Boneripping Madness… January 17th & 18th

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th January

11.00am – 1.00pm

Bring your mightiest of warriors, your chosen war machine or the bravest of heroes to challenge our enraged and terrifying Boneripper with Thanquol.


The outcast Grey Seer known as Thanquol is a self-serving opportunist, determined to rise to the pinnacle of his society through cunning, deceit and an uncanny ability to always land on his feet. As the End Times approach, Thanquol’s ascendancy finally begins…

Thanquol and Boneripper are the epitome of the Skaven race; a blend of dark sorcery, rat-like savagery, nightmarish ingenuity, imminent ruination and high-tech, semi-magical, virtually unfathomable weaponry. Grey Seer Thanquol is a Skaven famous for all the wrong reasons, a particularly favoured agent of the council of thirteen, with such an addiction to Warpstone that he can ingest copious amounts of the precious stuff with few side effects (save for the suspicion that his own whiskers are following him).

We welcome all who wish to challenge our deadly duo in a head to head battle. Bring down your strongest warriors, there is no limitation, and take on Thanquol and his Boneripper in a perilous participation game. Not feeling so lucky? Come and see how others fare as the battle rages on. Discover how the perilous pair can be the new secret weapon in your army, or learn how to defeat them if you know your friends plan to add it to their collection.

Come down to Warhammer World and accept our challenge. Choose to be blessed by the Verminlord Skreech or fight against our sinister plans. To war!