Their name is death… January 31st

The Necrons have awoken and they don’t like what they see: a galaxy overrun by humans, Orks, Tyranids, Tau and more. What better time, then, to re-conquer what was once theirs with a brand new Codex? Join us at Warhammer World to view our new displays and chat to us about your plans to purge the galaxy of organic life.

Awaken ancients and reclaim what is yours!

Aeons ago the Necrons ruled the stars, an undying race who once warred against gods in their quest for dominance. Endless conflict forced them into hibernation, an age-long exile spent in slumber, but now they awaken again, and the galaxy will feel their wrath.


Codex: Necrons is the essential guide to these arrogant aliens, a 120-page book detailing their fall and rise, and the dread military power they have at their disposal. Pop into Warhammer World from Saturday 31st January and we can chat about all the automaton warriors and war machines until the forces of destruction bear down upon us. You can also read all about the Necron dynasties in White Dwarf Issue 52, which also features an amazing Paint Splatter on how to paint Necrons from their different dynasties.

If your appetite for war has become diminished due to the mere thought of having to rally your forces against this new impending doom, then have no fear, for our Warhammer World staff have more than one trick up their sleeves when it comes to fighting against Necrons. You can head into store now to find out their secrets!

New Displays

When was the last time that you visited Warhammer World and gazed upon our displays? Grombrindal would not be best pleased…he informs me that there just simply aren’t enough humans around to buy him some Bugmans XXXXXX. There will be new displays at Warhammer World Saturday 31st January for you to enjoy, including our Tale of Gamers displays. If you have yet to read about the Tale of Gamers challenge here at Warhammer World, then click here to find out more.


On Saturday, you will also be given the opportunity to vote for your favourite Display. Who will win? You can decide. Simply head into the Warhammer World store to collect your very own voting slip and place your vote in our glorious voting treasure chest. If you’d like to discover more about the current displays at Warhammer World, you can ask our store staff and they’ll be able to spill the beans on the paints and techniques used.

So make sure you visit Warhammer World on the 31st January to vote for your favourite display, find out more about our upcoming events, and of course our special announcement on February 7th, have you signed up yet?