Beware, Servants of Chaos! February 7th & 8th.

From the depths of the webway, a choreographed performance has begun that will bring death to the foes of these inscrutable warriors. The 7th of February sees the release of the new plastic Harlequin Troupe that will bring despair to the foes of the Eldar race. Our resident Farseer Adam will be on hand on the 7th and 8th of February to unveil the mysteries of the enigmatic Harlequins and their diamonds. Drop in and watch the work in progress, ask your questions or bring your hobby equipment and join in at the paint stations.

Painting Demonstration Part 1

Saturday 7th February

11.00am – 1.00pm

The thought of painting that many diamonds onto a model is enough to give most painters, even experienced ones, pause for thought. If you’re new to painting free-hand designs on models, you’ll definitely want to visit Warhammer World to check out our advice. Join us as we show you the stage by stage process of painting diamonds.


The brightest, most colourful warriors are emerging in force to thwart chaos and play their parts in the great schemes of the Laughing God. These player-warriors each have a role to play in their troupe, wielding weapons that mirror their characters in the great dance of war. They will stop at nothing to unleash their lethal talents upon any who threaten the future of the Eldar.

To uncover the secrets of painting Harlequins, or to have a look at the new plastic kits in person, make sure you attend this painting demonstration. This demonstration is part one of two demonstrations, so read below to find out more.

Painting Demonstration Part 2

Sunday 8th February

12.00pm – 14.00pm

Join us for more exciting painting pod action, with part 2 of painting Harlequins (yes, and their diamonds). If you missed part 1 of our painting demonstration, never fear, we’ll be re-capping our quick tips from Saturday. We’ll also be demonstrating simpler patterns, painting black, using the colour wheel as well as answering all your questions!99070111003_Solitaire01

Using the new Harlequin Solitaire model, Eldar Mystic Adam will be demonstrating some key painting techniques that can be used to suitably bedeck this sinister incarnation of the Harlequin’s art. A step by step walk through of painting the bodysuits and weapons of the Harlequins can be found in the painting guide from White Dwarf Issue 53.

Bring your painting equipment to join the dazzling display and pick up your very own Harlequins from the Warhammer World Store. The Troupe has a place for performers of any skill level.

If the Black Library is to remain safe in the face of the rising power of Chaos, the Black Library’s mysterious defenders (that’ll be you) will need to be ever on their guard. The dance begins at Warhammer World…see you there.