Grand Opening May 16th & 17th

Warhammer World reveals our exciting new redevelopment with a grand opening weekend on May 16th and 17th!

Highlights are below, with more details on the event page.

Because we expect to be very busy on these days, entry to all of Warhammer World will be ticket only, and entry to the Exhibition Centre will be on a timed ticket.  Tickets are available now at the Horus Heresy Weekender and Warhammer World, and are available online from February 9th.

Although tickets have now sold out, we’ll be open to the public from May 18th, so start planning your visit now!

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Highlights for Things to See and Do

forge world exhib (2)The Brand New Warhammer World Exhibition Centre

  • Warhammer World’s brand new Exhibition Centre featuring 4 areas packed with thousands of Citadel miniatures, 10 specially built display boards and the biggest display board Games Workshop has ever created!

The Studio Areas

  • Black Library, Forge World and the Games Workshop Design Studios will be joining us for the weekend, so you can meet and chat with the dedicated teams that bring to life the worlds we all love.

Highlights for Things to take Home

Get an exclusive souvenir to show off at home!

New releases and Exclusives

  • Brand new releases available from Forge World and Black Library.
  • Exclusive Citadel product, Forge World miniature and Black Library book only available at Warhammer World. Brand new merchandise range including T-shirts, art, mugs and more.

Three Unique stores

Want to plan your visit to the new Warhammer World? On the website we have updated details for up to, and after May 16th, so you can discover what exciting changes to look forward to.

To safely put the final touches in place, the Warhammer World venue will be fully closed May 11th to 15th.

Make sure you get your ticket quickly and get ready for an amazing day!click for details button