May 10th – 18th Changes, Closure and Ticketed Entry

Empire ArtworkTo ensure we can safely finish our redevelopment work before our Grand Opening on May 16th and 17th:

Warhammer World will closed at 4.00pm on May 10th.

Warhammer World will be fully closed May 11th – 15th.

This includes the store, events hall, and Bugman’s Bar – all areas of the venue will be closed.

To ensure we can a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone on a busy weekend:

Warhammer World will be Ticket Entry only, and we won’t have gaming tables available, May 16th – 17th.

To find out more about the new development, our Grand Opening and how to get tickets for that epic first weekend, click here for details.

Warhammer World will be open, but we won’t have gaming tables available, May 18th.

To find out how you can request a gaming table for your own battles, click here for details.