Solitaire Challenge. February 14th.

None, even amongst the Harlequins, know the limits of the Solitaire’s abilities. Tales exist of these supernatural killers running up sheer fortress walls, spilling from the shadows inside locked bunkers, even slowing time itself. For any who stand in the Solitaire’s way, death is destined.

Dare you challenge the dancer of death?

Come down to Warhammer World on Saturday February 14th between 11am and 1pm with your Mightiest hero or your bravest soldiers and see if you can defeat the Solitaire.


On Saturday this supernatural killer will be unleashed upon the enemy. The Dance of Death will be the undoing of many a foe. Will you succeed where many have failed before?

Afterwards why not have a chat to the Warhammer World staff who would be happy to help you with either learning how to defeat the Solitaire or form a collection around this miniature. Also this is your perfect opportunity to grab your Grand Opening tickets for the 16th or 17th of May before they sell out.

You will not want to miss this astounding weekend!