Birthday Countdown: 4 days to go

Do you have a collection of miniatures that you would like to display at Warhammer World? Then make sure you visit us for our birthday celebrations this Saturday, as we welcome back our Army of the Month competition. What will you enter?

Army of the month

Army of the month is an opportunity for hobbyists to show off their collections, there is no limitations to what Citadel or Forge World miniatures you bring in. All you have to do is bring down the miniatures you would like to display, have a chat to one of our staff members on the day, we’ll keep record of your name and your entry. All entries are numbered and displayed for the full day. Lets have a look at the certificates that are up for grabs…

The public shall vote for their favourite army of renown, whilst our Warhammer World Studio team shall vote for their favourite favour of the dark gods.
The public shall vote for their favourite Army of Renown, whilst our Warhammer World Studio team shall vote for their favourite ‘Favour of the Dark Gods’.

The winners of these certificates will also be given the opportunity to display their collections at the Warhammer World visiting centre for the following month as a guest display. Remember, there is no minimum or maximum for this competition, you may bring anything from your greatest hero to an army of fierce warriors. All entries must be fully painted and based in order to be displayed.

If showing off your collection isn’t for you, there will be plenty of new displays available to look at. For Saturday 28th ONLY, we will have 5 extra cabinets full of amazing displays for you to look at in awe (as well as taking plenty of pictures). You can take a look at the schedule for our birthday here or see below to take a look at some of our previous winners.

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Make sure you visit the Warhammer World store if you’d like to chat to us about your entries, or would like some advice on how to start.

We will continue to reveal sneaky peeks of our amazing birthday plans over the next few days, and you can also sign up to the newsletter to get all the latest news. Don’t miss out, make sure you visit us this Saturday.