Birthday Countdown: 1 day to go

The Warhammer World Birthday Celebration is tomorrow! Here at Warhammer World we are extremely excited about all of the amazing activities, exciting exclusives, breathtaking birthday cake and dazzling displays on show. Do not miss out this Saturday, make sure you visit us (at least to grab some cake). Let’s take one sneaky last peek at some of what’s going to be at Warhammer World tomorrow…

Blanchitsu Miniature Display plus more

For this Saturday only we will have 5 extra display cabinets full of miniatures for you to gaze upon. These displays will be in Bugman’s Bar and the main events hall,  showing personal collections as well as all the entries for our Army of the Month competition.

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There will be a large variety of miniatures on display, some of which you will have seen in our weekly White Dwarf or monthly Warhammer Visions, so come and see them in person!

If you would like to enter your collection in our Army of the Month competition, and display your miniatures this Saturday alongside the works of our studio teams, then speak to a member of the Warhammer World Store team on the day. There is no minimum requirement, simply bring in your collection of fully painted and fully based miniatures, and we will display them for the public to vote for their favourite.

Whether you are new to the hobby, or are an experienced veteran there is something for everyone to enjoy at our birthday celebrations this Saturday (especially cake). This is not a ticketed event, it is free for you to enjoy. Grab your friends and I’ll see you there tomorrow… I’ll be the one eating all the cake.