Hunt of the Skitarii. 4th March.

This weekend at Warhammer World bring your mightiest of warriors, your chosen warmachine or the bravest of heroes to stop the hunt of the Skitarii, as they search for a mysterious egg. Challenge the store staff and take on the Skitarii Vanguard!

Dare you bear witness to the power of the Skitarii?

mechblog2Rumour has reached the ear of Esther Boneii of a mysterious egg of great power. She has sent out the Skitarii vanguard to search for this great egg and kill all those who would stand in her way.

This weekend from 11.00am – 1.00pm we have a challenge that even the mightiest of Heroes may think twice about accepting. The hunt for the mysterious egg has begun, will you stand in the way and defeat the Skitarii Vanguard?

Want to understand how the Skitarii vanguard work? Why not have a chat with the Warhammer World Store Staff and they will help you figure out what is needed to defeat these warriors or even how to start your collection. See you there!