Golden Demon: Tanks Categories Announced

golden-demon-statueThe rumbling of armoured behemoths approaching can be heard here in Nottingham and for once, it’s not the sound of the Trams.

Golden Demon: Tanks is the first in our exciting new calendar of  painting competitions, taking place here at Warhammer World on August 1st.  The full information pack is still a few days away, but  we are happy to announce the categories for entry now, allowing you go decide which miniatures you would like to paint.


  • Single Model for any single Tank* miniature
  • Squadron for any group of 2-3 Tank* miniatures
  • Unbound for any tank*-themed dioramas and battle scenes and all entries not covered by the above categories.
  • Youngbloods for any single Tank* miniature painted by an entrant under 16 years of age.

*models as defined as Type: Tank in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules (page 92).

Entry Guidelines

  • Models entered must be produced by Citadel Miniatures or Forge World.
  • Only models from the Warhammer 40,000 and Horus Heresy ranges may be entered.
  • Models may be mounted on a suitable gaming base or display base if desired.

Further information will be being released next week, including extra activities included on the day of the event.

To read more about Golden Demon and to buy your tickets, click here.