Warhammer Fantasy Events: Last Few Tickets Available

With the new Warhammer World now open, and our events calendar for the year about to kick off, you still have a chance to grab a ticket to our upcoming Warhammer Fantasy events.

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May 30th & 31st

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June 13th & 14th

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If you fancy joining up with a gaming partner and bringing war to the Old World, Battle Brothers is the event for you.

If you’re a lone warrior and want to lead your army into battle during the cataclysmic saga of the End Times, Throne of Skulls could be right up your street.

Both events offer a weekend of fun, social gaming with like minded hobbyists with a focus on relaxed gaming and hobby indulgence. Why not enter one of the many painting competitions over the weekend, or take time out to visit the brand new Exhibition (additional cost for entry)?

We only have a few tickets left, so go now! Grab your ticket, jump on your mount, , and make your way to Warhammer World!

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