Warhammer World: What’s on in June

June is here and we’re well into our first events of 2015! Check to see if event tickets are available, or just drop into Warhammer World and enjoy the atmosphere, as we remain open even when gaming events take place.

You also have the chance to admire some Golden Demon winning miniatures. Find out what we have planned below, and what you can see and do when you visit us.

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Battle Brothers: Armageddon
6th – 7th

The war for Armageddon continues as you bring your forces to bear on this savaged planet. Unleash acid-rain, lightning storms, ash pits and far, far worse on your enemies, even as your own veterans suffer at the hands of this planet’s pitiless environment and your own merciless foes.  Find out more here.

Throne of Skulls: Heroes of the End Times
13th – 14th

The Old World crumbles, trodden under the feet of countless warriors as they march to decide it’s fate. Take huge armies and mighty heroes to war as Throne of Skulls returns to celebrate The End Times. Find out more here.

Throne of Skulls: Into the Maelstrom
20th – 21st

Huge armies clash in the scarred battlefields of the 41st Millennium as you lead your force to war. Using larger armies than ever before, the Maelstrom of War missions and the option to take Unbound forces, Throne of Skulls is back with an apocalyptic bang. Find out more here.  

Golden Demon Display
27th – Aug 26th

A rare chance to see up close some of the winning miniatures from the 2014 Golden Demon painting competition, to take in all of the details from these expert painted masterpieces.