Army of the Month: May

Here at Warhammer World we have celebrated our final Army of the Month competition, an open painting competition where all hobbyists can bring down and show off their collections. Let us take a look at our May winner, and some great entries we’ve had in our competition previously, and start to prepare ourselves for Armies on Parade!

May Winner

We were flooded with incredible entries, but there can only be one winner, as voted for by the public. For the month of May, our winner was Gary Waddingham with his collection of Night Lords.

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What are you collecting?

Now is a great time to be preparing for Armies on Parade. Take a look below at some of the other Army of the Month entries from this month and previous months for some inspiration…

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Our Warhammer World staff cannot wait for the next Armies on Parade. For those who have not yet come across this term, Armies on Parade is our yearly competition where hobbyists bring their fully painted and based collections to their local Games Workshop store. The public votes for their favourite entries, and trophies are awarded to first, second and third place. It is a fantastic day event, a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow hobbyists and get great painting tips, and most importantly…see awesome miniatures!

Start preparing your entries now, and chat to the Warhammer World staff about your collections and what you plan to bring along. Remember, although each Games Workshop store runs the competition on the same day, for the ultimate in bragging rights, Warhammer World is the place to be for this competition.

Pass me my paintbrush…see you at Warhammer World!