Categories at Golden Demon: Tanks

golden-demon-statueExciting news has just reached us here at Warhammer World regarding the upcoming Golden Demon: Tanks event taking place in August…

The Open Category, traditionally a separate event  run alongside the Golden Demon competition, will now be known as the Unbound Category. The entry guidelines are still the same:

Unbound: for any Tank-themed dioramas and battle scenes and all entries not covered by the other categories.

So what the difference, you ask? Well…

The Slayer Sword

Richard Grey - Slayer Sword winner
Richard Grey – Slayer Sword winner at Warhammer Fest 2014

The famous Slayer Sword is the award given to the entry considered to be the ‘Best in Show’ at a Golden Demon competition, chosen from the winners from each category. It is the single most prestigious painting award Games Workshop have to offer and only a lucky few have ever won one.

We are happy to announce that The Slayer Sword is coming to  Golden Demon: Tanks on 1st August here at Warhammer World, and that, unlike previous events, all of the categories, including the Unbound and Youngbloods will be eligible.

Tickets for this event are just £10 and on sale now. You can get tickets and more information here. We hope to see you there!