Warhammer Battle Brothers Review

sdfsdfgOn the weekend of 30th – 31st May, over 100 Warhammer players descended upon Warhammer World for the first event of the year: Warhammer Battle Brothers: The Rise of the Verminlords.

Set in the End Times, this event saw huge monsters, massive regiments, apocalyptic magic and more as armies clashed as the Old World was falling around them. With the focus on camaraderie and fun gaming, the atmosphere was great all weekend. Epic war stories would be recanted in Bugmans Bar all weekend, and some of the most terrifying characters of the Old World could be seen cutting swathes through regiment after regiment.

As the dust settled and the ring of steel on steel was silenced, we started to assess the results. In Battle Brothers, each team could vote for which other team they had most enjoyed playing against. The team that received the most of these votes would be crowned the Champions and glory would be theirs.

With an outstanding score of 7 out of 10 Favourite Game votes, The Malekith Fanclub took the prize- huge congratulations to them for displaying such a great attitude all weekend.

For a full copy of the final results, check here:  Final Results.

Leo and Rob, the “It ‘Ain’t Easy Being Sleazy” Team took the prize for their incredible Dark Elf Army.
The Malekith Fan Club scored an incredible 7 out of 10 Favourite Game votes and took home the prize!

Look out for more great Warhammer events coming soon. If you fancy battling it out in the Old World this month, why not join us for Throne of Skulls in two weeks? Info and tickets available here.