Warhammer 40,000 Battle Brothers Review

The incredible hovering Eldar Jetbike, painted by John Beech, got a lot of attention… as it was actually flying!

Our second event of 2015 was Warhammer 40,000 Battle Brothers: Armageddon. Teams of two marched forth onto the Hive World Armageddon to do bloody battle with each other and claim the planet for their own.

Huge lumbering war machines, massive and terrifying creatures, ranks of hideously beweaponed troops and and brave heroes clashed across the plains of Armageddon as our players unleashed their armies upon each other. With just under 200 players, it was a tense and exciting affair with epic war stories coming from all quarters.

The standard of hobby in the Event Hall was incredible – so many beautiful armies were on display that we in the Events Team had a real challenge picking the nominations for Best Army. If you love seeing incredible armies, make sure you come along to a Battle Brothers event!

In Battle Brothers, each team could vote for which team they enjoyed playing against the most. Whichever team received the most of these “favourite game” votes would be crowned the champions. Two teams had received an incredible 8 out of 10 votes , so it went down to number of Victory Points scored. With a mighty 31 Victory Points, “Squids for the Squid God” took the title – a huge well done to them! Special Mention goes to the “Warhamsters” team who also scored a mighty 8 Favourite Game votes but just missed out on Victory Points.

To see how all the teams did, check the Final Results.

The Lords of Beer flexed their painting muscles and took away the Best Army prize for their Eldar army
Squids for the Squid God took the overall prize after earning 8 out of 10 Favourite Game votes!