Warhammer Throne of Skulls Review

The End Times were truly upon us over the weekend of the 13th – 14th June as 50 rampant Warhammer players descended upon Nottingham to unleash their armies upon each other in a flurry of (good-natured..!) furious combat. With all the End Times content in use, we saw huge monsters, terrifying magic and ascendant heroes in abundance and some great games were had by all.

We also saw some glorious armies; check out the gallery below of just some of the models we saw over the weekend. If seeing beautiful collections of Citadel Miniatures is your thing, make sure you head on down to a Throne of Skulls event soon.

Huge congratulations to Best Army Winner Dimitar Petrov who took the prize for Best Army with his glorious Lizardmen- only deciding after a staff vote because the public vote stood at a three way tie!

Unique for thiDSC04200s event, to represent the struggles of the End Times, before the first game each player was invited to join one of five Factions: The Defenders of the Old World, The Dark Gods, The Ravening Hordes, The Last of the Ancients and The Undead Legions. Whichever Faction scored, on average, the highest number of Favourite Game votes would be declared the winners. It was close, but in the End, The Defenders of the Old World took the prize, so congratulations to them!

This was the first Throne of Skulls event in the new era, where the winner is decided upon by the number of Favourite Game votes they receive from their opponents, with their Victory Point score being used in the case of a tie. With a  mighty score of three out of five Favourite Game votes and almost 10,000 Victory Points, Joe Jackson took the prize. Huge congratulations to him on a well deserved win.

If you would like to see a copy of the final results with full details on how each player did, click this link: Heroes of the End Times Final Results.

If you want to know more about upcoming Throne of Skulls events at Warhammer World, click here.

We hope to see you along in the future!