Start planning your summer roadtrip!

It may seem like a long way off, but July and August are coming up fast, so now is the time to round up your mates and plan your summer road trip to Warhammer World!

See what you can get up to below, check our calendar, and put the date in your diary.

Miniatures to inspire

Amazing Golden Demon winning miniatures from 2014 will be showcased together, and we’ll be running another Special Exhibition through the summer. See our announced Special Exhibitions here.

To see more fantastically painted miniatures, and to perhaps even showcase your own skills, Golden Demon: Tanks rolls in on August 1st. Warhammer World will host a painting competition devoted to the might of tanks, so why not get painting now? Find out more here.

Get gaming!

Inquisition Wars_Page_1If you want to wage war with your friends,  book a gaming table to be sure you have gaming space before you arrive. Our feature tables are very popular, and many weekends are already filling up! Request a table here.

For the full Warhammer World experience, join us for a weekend gaming event. Bring a stalwart ally and enjoy gaming in a team of two at Battle Brothers, or take sole command of your army as you meet and battle new friends at Throne of Skulls. Try something different, and join a Campaign Weekend to see how your decisions will influence the Inquisition Wars.

Take advantage

Warhammer World provides you with unique services and products, so make the most of Black Library and Forge World’s only physical stores, and check out our special features like same day delivery. Bugman’s Bar is also ready and waiting to welcome you, with refreshing summer smoothies and snacks, or perhaps a pint of Bugman’s XXXXXX and a legendary burger.

If all this doesn’t give you a great day out to look forward to this summer, we don’t know what will!